Investment Management Philosophy
Summit Capital Investment Management Cleveland, Ohio

Welcome to Summit Capital Investment Management

Summit Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor, based in Cleveland, Ohio, dedicated to providing sound investment management and outstanding service to its clients. We serve investors who seek to maximize investment performance while limiting the amount of volatility in their portfolio. Our clients include individuals, small businesses, business owners and qualified retirement plans.

The long-term security and success of our clients is our primary focus. Our process is a deliberate one, and is designed to assure the client’s satisfaction. In the assessment phase, we

  • Gain a thorough understanding of each client's personal and financial situation, and help the client define their long-term goals and investment objectives.
  • Only then do we evaluate and suggest possible investment alternatives. The result is an investment portfolio that reflects the client's individual needs.

Our fee structure is straightforward. We are paid a percentage of the investment assets under management, not a commission on the sale of investment products. This aligns our interest with yours. We are not brokers and have no incentive to sell you specific products, nor to urge you to change investments frequently. Our income grows only when our clients’ assets grow.