Investment Management Philosophy
Summit Capital Investment Management Cleveland, Ohio

Our Philosophy

At Summit Capital, we focus on assembling portfolios tailored to each clients's specific needs and objectives. Our clients's portfolios consist of publicly traded securities which may include individual stocks and bonds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETF's).

Financial markets have become increasingly dynamic and complex. Studies have shown that over time individuals investing on their own earn only a fraction of what the stock market earns annually. The primary reason is that many individual investors tend to move in and out of investments at precisely the wrong time, chasing past performance and attempting to time the market. Our job is to analyze the various factors and information and make informed decisions on your behalf.

We intend to be with you for the long term. This is why we do not engage in the latest investment fad. Our goal is to provide our clients with consistently outstanding results over time while minimizing investment volatility. This means that we develop a well diversified portfolio and strive to keep our clients focused on their long term goals.

We believe the keys to accumulating wealth are:

  • Adhering to a well thought-out plan
  • Reasonable rates of return over time
  • Letting the magic of compounding work

For securities safekeeping and the processing of trades, Summit Capital maintains a relationship with Charles Schwab & Company, one of the nations's largest brokerage firms. A computer link between our offices and Schwab's provides us instant access to view client account information. Our relationship with Charles Schwab gives us the resources and technology of a large national firm while allowing us to maintain the independence of a private, boutique investment firm. We cannot access cash and securities in client accounts. Clients can view their account online at any time.